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What’s your readiness score?

The measurement score that helps you avoid strategic debacles

14 domains of measurement developed from multi-industry best practices pinpoint your root cause factors

Swarm intelligence models highlight vulnerabilities, corrective actions, and time/cost risk in an easy to read report

Self service platform delivers in days what used to take months

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How it works

Begin your ReM Score™ with a self-guided process that defines the type of initiative you want to measure, and the key people participating.

Data is harvested from participants through short surveys created on-the-fly using Swarm Intelligence modeling, within 14 domains of measurement.

ReM Score™ calculates your readiness score and provides detailed analysis of initiative vulnerabilities and how to correct them.

ReM Score application

What do you want to do?

Each type of business initiative has key factors that influence your readiness



No more 11th hour fire drills. Learn early where the friction is so you can evaluate fast if the acquisition is going to work.

New Product

New Product

Can you support the growth? Is there a market? See your vulnerabilities before you launch.

Back Office Optimization

Back Office Optimization

Does the business know its business? By understanding your vulnerabilities, you can go faster in execution.

Product Upgrade

Product Upgrade

Can it work? What don’t I know? Upgrades can break more than they fix; know where the obstacles are.

New Market

New Market

Do you have the capacity? How long will it take? New markets bring unforeseen challenges. Understand what’s in your way.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Will it work in the cloud? Does it fit your users/customers? Sometimes the road is longer than you thought.

ReM Score™ models  adapt to each type of initiative

Guided process for what types of inputs are needed to score each initiative

Easy to setup initiatives from mobile and desktop

Collective intelligence through the hive mind

The answers you need are in your company, and for the first time you can harvest them and have the data you need to make winning decisions

Swarm Intelligence can generate an accurate readiness score

ReM Score™ only takes 15 minutes from any participant – no more meetings and endless assessments

Significantly amplify generated insights from within and out of your business

Generates optimized and focused insights for removing obstacles

Measure what’s proven to matter

14 domains of measurement that leverage multi-industry best practices to understand where you are vulnerable and why

Measures the clarity and buy-in on the vision and its impact on the initiative.

Provides insight into how well this initiative supports the businesses direction, inside and out.

Calculates the impact of doing your initiative over others.

Quantifies the ability of the business to transform and adapt.

Measures the impact of decision-making behavior and capabilities on your initiative.

Quantifies if your teams thoroughly understand why things are done, or only understand the surface layer of rules and processes.

Calculates how well leadership and the business as a whole understand the subject matter of what is trying to be achieved.

Measures the sphere of influence on your initiative, inside and out of your business.

Measures the alignment of current capabilities to the initiatives needs.

Measures if  the business can take on volume of this initiative and still perform.

Measures how important the initiative is to your business.

Quantifies leadership’s capabilities to deliver this initiative.

Measures the maturity and capabilities of your infrastructure to support your initiative.

Quantifies how the governance model will  support or hinder your initiative, and how much.

Remove the biases of decision making by replacing them with data

Domains utilize thousands of permutations to collect inputs that adjust and work for strategic initiatives of all types and sizes

Domains are constructed using documented standards and best practices

Get the insight you need

Easy to understand reports that deliver actionable insights

Readiness score report

Why do 50% of strategic initiatives fail?

A high rate of change can put your organizational capability at risk

Learn more about evaluating your business’s readiness for new ideas in Measure, Execute, Win , written by ReM Score founder Alex Castro.


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See for yourself how ReM Score generates accurate, actionable readiness score reports, and learn what that kind of knowledge will do for your business.

ReM Score application

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